Malaysia: the Orang Asal people

Eleanor Goroh

Eleanor conducts trainings with the Orang Asal people on various programs including mapping of territories. Photo: thanks to Conor Ashleigh

Eleanor Goroh from Jaringan Orang Asal SeMalaysia1 (JOAS or the Indigenous Peoples Network of Malaysia).  JOAS is the umbrella network for 51 community-based non-governmental organisations that have indigenous peoples’ issues as the focus. As the focal point for indigenous rights and advocacy in Malaysia, JOAS provides the indigenous communities with representation not just nationally but regionally and internationally as well.

Eleanor shared that JOAS, together with other organizations, focus on capacity building as a way to push for the protection of indigenous peoples rights. They trainings on mapping land areas (delineation of ancestral lands), forest and biodiversity mapping of resources, sustainable management and many others. They also have trainings for the indigenous peoples youth sector to use technology as a means to document local initiatives, successful projects and also of their campaigns.

Eleanor showed a video produced by the youth of a community trained to do community documentaries. The video is part of a new method that is being used to seek support and collaboration from other groups. The video also showed the different capacity building skills acquired by members of the community through the help of NGOs. JOAS also works in a wide range of themes which impact indigenous peoples including on land rights, community forest management, climate change and impacts on local resources.

–> Visit this page again, we will post the video shown during the presentation as soon as we can! In the meantime, please view a JOAS video of the Orang Asal people.