Friends of the Earth would like to thank our sponsors:

HIVOS people unlimited


A fair, free and sustainable world – that is what Hivos, the Humanist Institute for Development Cooperation, wants to contribute to. Together with local organisations in developing countries, Hivos strives for a world in which all citizens – both men and women – have equal access to resources and opportunities for development.



The Swedish Society for Nature Conservation (SSNC) is an environmental organization with power to bring about change. We spread knowledge, map environmental threats, create solutions, and influence politicians and public authorities, at both national and international levels. Moreover, we are behind one of the world’s most challenging ecolabellings, “Bra Miljöval” (Good Environmental Choice). Climate, the oceans, forests, environmental toxins, and agriculture are our main areas of involvement.



11.11.11 is the coalition of Flemish NGOs, trade unions, movements and solidarity groups in Belgium. 11.11.11 gathers the efforts of 70 member organizations and 340 local volunteer committees in striving for a more just and fair world. We are doing so in close cooperation with our partners in the South and focussing on specific policy issues like trade justice, extractives and climate justice.

Artist Project Earth


Artists Project Earth aims to create a better world by bringing the power of music and the arts to 21st century challenges. It supports effective projects and awareness raising initiatives to combat climate change and raises funds for natural disaster relief.

This meeting was also made possible due to financial support of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs (DGIS)